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Wood E-commerce: A global trend within reach of Brazilian producers

Published 16 October , 2023 Reading time 2 minutes Reading time 2 minutes
Wood E-commerce: A global trend within reach of Brazilian producers

Wood Sales Trend in Virtual Storefronts is Thriving Abroad, and Eyeing this Market, WoodFlow Establishes Partnerships to Promote Brazilian Products on these Portals.

Consumers are increasingly familiar with virtual storefronts, and the digital model of buying and selling has also gained ground in the traditional wood market in Brazil. So-called wood e-commerce is becoming more common worldwide. With an eye on this global opportunity, here in Brazil, the wood export startup, WoodFlow, has created an online platform where Brazilian producers can showcase their factories and offer their products to buyers from other countries.

More than just a sales portal, the Brazilian startup is a complete ecosystem for wood exports from Brazil. “The ease of buying and selling online became even more common after the pandemic, where people got used to virtual storefronts. During this period, we saw that the market was open to this initiative here in Brazil, and with this intention, we created WoodFlow to assist and enhance the sale of Brazilian wood and its by-products to other countries,” said Giullian Fernanda Silva, Co-founder of WoodFlow.

Such online buying and selling of wood in other countries is so common that WoodFlow has partnerships with e-commerce platforms around the world. An example of this is the partnership with WoodScanner. The UK-based portal has a digital storefront with product offerings that buyers from the region can purchase. Through the partnership with WoodFlow, Brazilian products are also offered on WoodScanner, making it easier to access new markets.

“I believe this is a trend that is here to stay and should greatly facilitate the offering of Brazilian products for export, especially for companies that are just starting or want to open new frontiers,” said Gustavo Milazzo, CEO of WoodFlow.

On this type of platform, manufacturers can create profiles, advertise their products, and negotiate terms and prices directly with buyers. “Through WoodFlow, this type of negotiation is extended to Brazilian suppliers. Brazilian manufacturers partnering with the startup who are interested can advertise their products on affiliated portals and expand the range of export offerings,” added Gustavo.