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Dollar trends in October

Published 20 November , 2023 Reading time 2 minutes Reading time 2 minutes
Dollar trends in October

The month of October was marked by a varied performance of the dollar in Brazil, reflecting a series of economic and global factors. At the beginning of the month, according to data from Folha UOL, the dollar showed a significant increase of 1.74%, reaching the value of R$ 5,154. This was the highest level since March 28, when the exchange rate was at R$ 5,165. This movement was driven by U.S. interest rates, which affected investors’ perception and led to an increase in demand for the foreign currency.

On October 6th, the dollar experienced a slight decrease of 0.14% compared to the previous day, closing at R$ 5,162. Earlier that morning, the exchange rate reached R$ 5.20 and even R$ 5.2122. Throughout the week, the dollar had a mixed performance, reflecting uncertainty and fluctuations in the financial market.

According to information from InvestNews, October 26th marked a shift in the trend of the dollar, with a decrease of 0.23% and a closing rate of R$ 4.9896. This day was characterized by market adjustments, supported by relief in the future interest rate curve and the positive performance of Vale, one of the main players in the Brazilian commodities market.

On October 27th, the dollar experienced another increase of 0.46%, closing at R$ 5.0126. This movement highlights the volatility and sensitivity of the market to changes in economic and political conditions, both in Brazil and on the international stage. For the entire month of October, the dollar accumulated an increase of 0.28%, according to Valor Econômico. This indicates that, despite daily fluctuations, the U.S. currency maintained an overall trend of appreciation during the period, impacting import costs and the competitiveness of exports.

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